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Battle of the Nine will feature a magnitude of instances as part of a permanent fixture on Talon Tales. Players will be able to experience a whole new reward system on the game with rare prizes (as well as unique mobs and dungeons). The instances will open an exciting story arc, along with direct access to a lobby system (Valkyrie's Hall), available by speaking with the Instance Girl NPC.


Rune Midgard has been plagued by a disease which originated from the events of Nightmare’s Rift, a curse summoned by the fallen Sword Maidens, demonic entities from a parallel world. The scourge has been spreading in towns and villages across Rune Midgard. King Tristan III and the church have tried and tested endless remedies to no avail. A scholar from Arunafeltz has studied through archaic manuscripts and scrolls specifically on Asgard, discovering a potential cure that will effectively diminish any typing of disease infested upon living souls.


In order to obtain this curative artefact, Prontera had devised a plan to open a portal to Asgard in hopes of retrieving the required tech to aid priests and alchemists across the world in creating a remedy and ridding the plague that is spreading at an alarming rate. The Valkyries showed no initial interest in the plight, and effectively started a war with the human race, warning those who enter Valhalla with intentions to pillage, would face the true might of the nine.

It wasn't until their confrontation with the plague when the Valkyries realized how serious the Nightmare's Rift epidemic was. With their newfound alliance, and the threat eradicated by the Valkyries, one collapsed to the scorching plague emitted by the shroud. Valkyrie Randgris had been afflicted with the disease that once swept across Rune Midgard, having fallen victim to pestilence during Elysian Garden's purge.


Despite her sister's efforts, Randgris had succumbed to darkness and had taken refuge beyond Odin's Temple. The Valkyries enlisted the best and brightest to aid them in vanquishing the shroud infesting Randgris, believing that remnants of her former self still existed. The Rune Midgardians defeated Dark Randgris, yielding respect from the Valkyries and solidifying their allegiance.

Valkyrie Hildr spent her days at the bedside of Randgris postmortem, restoring her to full health. Together with Randgris’ recollection of past events, they unveiled one of the biggest coverts of the ages schemed by a God. It was then, that Hildr witnessed a horrifying vision of a far greater evil.

Meanwhile, Valkyrie Prima made her debut in Rune Midgard in the form of a concert. Midgardians were warned by Brynhildr of the power Prima yielded from her singing; one simple verse wasknown to split planets in half. In an attempt to stop Prima from proceeding with her musical debut, the Midgardians were tasked with a mission to confront the Valkyrie. After the intervention was successfully carried out, Hildr tried to warn everyone that it was Loki, son of Odin, who birthed the entirety of the Nightmare's Rift epidemic.

After Prima’s dangerous concert, Hildr hid away in a fortress and barred even her sisters from contact. After pleas from the other Valkyries, the adventurers found their way to the base of a mighty fortress. Therethey were greeted by a disguised Loki, and the heroes were split into groups of two to face the perilous battles ahead. They fought legendary dragons and beasts until going head-to-head with Loki himself. His retreat brought forth a corrupted Hildr, who the champions withstood until Loki’s power receded. She confirmed that the Nightmare’s Rift had never been opened by choice, and the overpowering visions of Loki’s schemes had forced her isolation. This encounter birthed the declaration of war between the noble Valkyrie and the merciless god of mischief.

As wars go, the plights of Rune Midgard were far from over. Disguised once again as Asger, Loki targeted Reginleif, successfully manipulating her feelings.The heroes were forced to their wedding, where Loki mocked and shamed her at the altar. Reginleif blamed the selfishness of humanity and attacked the helpless onlookers. Geiravor and Herja appeared just as Reginleif was preparing to unleash ancient magic and explained Loki’s deception. Not to be bested, Loki summoned the champions into his presence once more, testing them with a gauntlet of powerful monsters. When he realized the might of the Midgardians was formidable, he escaped in search of the final three Valkyrie.


We’ve created a reward system where players acquire Valkyrie Coins by completing various PvM instances. The currency can then be used to purchase new weapons, armor, costumes, pets and unique items. In addition, Valkyrie trinkets can be exchanged for tickets to engage in even tougher instances in hopes of retrieving more lucrative prizes.
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Valkyrie's Bazaar is an exclusive marketplace where players will be able to use their Valkyrie Coins to purchase a variety of valuable items.


New merchant NPCs will give access to expansive store rewards, allowing players a variety of ways to obtain items both familiar and new. The NPC resides in Yuno, with entry only available to those who have cleared Ancient Tower


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