Once a secluded garden infected by the plague, now a mysterious sanctuary governed by the Valkyries. Elysian Garden is a post-game dungeon with a variety of new mobs across multiple fields. Featuring Rift and Valhallan MVPs that drop special loot and boxes that can be exchanged for numerous rewards. In order to gain access, players must clear the Mystic Tower instance to obtain an Elysian Key (please note that the keys are character bound and have

a 14 day expiry period).


The entrance to the garden remains a mystery..


There are more than a dozen Rift MVPs scattered throughout Elysian Garden. Each MVP will have a chance of dropping 1x GM box, where players can collect and trade for a prize crate of their choice, among other rewards (subject to the amount of unique GM boxes obtained). The required amount of boxes as well as rewards available will fall into four distinct categories:

Tier 1 (6x unique GM boxes)

Tier 2 (12x unique GM boxes)

Tier 3 (18x unique GM boxes)

Tier 4 (22x unique GM boxes)


For more information, along with ways to attain

GM boxes, please refer to the link below:

TamTam's Exchange


In addition to the Rift MVPs, a number of deities and creatures roam the depths of Elysian Garden. Defeat them and collect 10 unique shards to receive the following prizes:

100x Valkyrie Coins

10x Talon Coins

1x High Weapon Box

1x Lv10 Food Bundle


Plus many more!

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