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Episode: I


Rune Midgard, a powerful kingdom with rich history and abundance of power and knowledge is now under the threat of a malicious plague called “the scourge”. A serious threat that even the kingdom’s greatest alchemists, priests and wizards has no remedy of. The scholars tirelessly search for the diseases’ cure and found out through the archaic manuscripts and scrolls hidden in Yuno’s archives that one possible way of eliminating the scourge is through obtaining artifacts that can only be retrieved in Asgard and Vanaheim. With the situation getting out of hand, the head of the knight’s guild had decided to gather the bravest warriors across Rune Midgard for a dangerous mission; entering Asgard.

Armed with the knowledge of Asgardian’s distaste against their kind, the Midgardians marched attentively towards Vanaheim. To their surprise, even with the extreme precaution that they had taken; they were eventually greeted by monsters that had never been encountered before. The monsters guarding the way to Vanaheim were strong and ferocious, but with the combined strength of the talented and brave, they were able to overcome the first wave of the challenges bestowed to them in the realm of the Gods.

As they continued to venture towards Vanaheim, an elusive voice echoed and stopped the Midgardians in their tracks. The voice warned them of how unforgiving the land of the Gods were towards normans, however they could hear the thrill in this entity's voice as she welcomed them suspiciously unto Vanaheim.

The voice eventually lead them to a sanctuary, and tested their wisdom, strength and courage. In the test of wisdom it was revealed that the voice belonged to one of the mighty Valkyrie, Brynhildr. A Valkyrie known for her brazen disposition as she have cleansed Vanaheim from evil for centuries. The Valkyrie, known for her sharp wit and finesse on the battlefield proving her worthy as a divinity in the eyes of Freyja.


Episode: II

In their continued search for the cure to rid Rune Midgard of a looming plague, the group of brave warriors were given a task by the Knight of Lux to gain the support of the Valkyrie, one in particular who would convince her sisters to throw their arms and aid the Normans; her name was Herja. The Knight’s Guild had received intel that Herja would be hosting a tournament in Asgard. With the knowledge in hand, the strongest warriors in Midgard were deployed on a mission to alert the Valkyrie of the current situation regarding the plague’s devastation. However, the task wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

To get inside the tournament, they had to fight a seasoned huntress in Asgard; Skadi, to steal her tournament admission ticket. The brave managed to defeat Skadi and her minions, however, as they made their way to the arena, they were met with fierce creatures and beasts en route.

Rune Midgard emerged victorious, but the battle had just began. The great warriors & Gods of Asgard were waiting in the arena, all of which were trained and well-equipped for the annual tournament. The normans fought tirelessly in order to get to Herja, knowing her support would tremendously help them to fight off the plague. To their surprise however, among the sea of challengers were two extremely strong entities; the son of Odin, Loki and his daughter -- Hel.

The Midgardians held their stance, unshaken – doing all they could to get through even the toughest opponents in Asgard. Upon defeating a plethora of challengers, Herja was impressed to see how the Midgardians fought so effortlessly.  Herja's attention was now evident, so much so, that she wanted to challenge the Midgardians herself in an epic showdown. Despite the majority of the Valkyrie’s power sealed away, Herja’s blows and incantations were too strong for them. Not wanting to give up knowing she was Rune Midgard’s last hope, the Midgardians fought with all their might and emerged victorious in Herja’s tournament.


The Valkyrie was beyond ecstatic with how they fought and bestowed her blessings to them, promising that she will provide her support against the elimination of the plague. Little did everyone know, that the mastermind behind the plague was within Asgard’s walls.


Episode: III

The valiant Midgardians were once again summoned by the Knight of Lux, as they received intel from their scouts that an army lead by Valkyries: Randgris and Hildr, were fast approaching Rune Midgard. The Valkyrie, received word from their sister Geiravoir that the Midgardians entered their realm, breaking a century old treaty established by the rulers of Rune Midgard and Odin after the first Ragnarok. The Valkyrie had received news that the Midgardians were requesting support from their sisters, Herja and Brynhildr to fight against the plague that had been terrorizing and inflicting an ominous disease across Rune Midgard. A disease so catastrophic that even the wisest scholars and alchemist throughout the mortal realm had encountered nor seen anything like it before. The Valkyrie cackled in response and mocked how pitiful and desperate the Midgardians were upon hearing this, not knowing how problematic the plague’s threat truly was. Thus, the sisters; Randgris, Hildr along with Geiravoir arranged a siege to toy and poke fun at them.

As the battle between the Valkyrie and Midgardians began, Hildr felt an ominous darkness from the eastern lands. She alerted her sisters to focus their attention to the source of darkness as they hadn't felt such a threatening presence since the fall of Morroc. The plague revealed itself before the Valkyrie, which made them divert their attacks to the imminent threat. The Midgardians aided the Valkyrie in the battle despite their differences, wanting to stop the devastation said plague had been causing.

The Valkyrie and the rune Midgardians fought bravely against the neverending horde of the plague, they emerged victorious at the battle of Midgard Camp, however one of the Valkyrie – Randgris had succumbed to the darkness the plague has inflicted on her. Amidst the siege, the Midgardians had been notified of who rallied the other Valkyrie against them – Geiravoir, along with this information in which was relayed to them were the location of Geiravoir’s bastion. The brave warriors immediately went on a pursuit to find the hostile Valkyrie in order to convince her to fight against the real enemy; the plague. Little did they know, darkness had been tailing them.

They ventured through Geiravoir’s labyrinth, which were filled with vicious creatures from Asgard; resulting in numerous injuries within the adventurer’s coup. However, this did not stop them from their expedition until they found a way out of what seemed like an endless maze, finally leading them to Asgard, the realm of the Gods once more. After fighting countless foes, the Midgardians found their way inside Geiravoir’s bastion. The Valkyrie made it clear to them that she was not interested in helping no matter how much they tried to convince her. This eventually forced the Midgardians to fight her as she relentlessly attacked them in response, wanting the normans to perish along with the shroud of darkness. After hours of immense battle between the two sides, the Midgardians defeated Geiravor, wounding her as a result.

Wanting the Valkyrie’s blessings to eliminate the plague, the adventurers once again reasoned with Geiravor. However, soon enough they found themselves surrounded with a horde of the Plague's legion of darkness. They assisted Geiravoir in defeating the shroud's assault, earning an apology and the Valkyrie’s blessing to help them in their future battles.


Episode: IV

Having already earned the aid of Valkyries Brynhildr, Herja, and Geiravor, the courageous warriors of Midgard assembled for another quest on their journey to find a cure. This time, as informed by Brynhildr, they were to work together to not only convince her prissy singer of a sister- Prima, but to do so in time; preventing her from going through with a concert that would spell certain disaster for the world. Prima, it turns out, is renowned for a song that can split planets in twine.

Armed with the intelligence that Prima's bandmates "The Jitterbug Dolls" were practicing on the island of Jawaii, the heroes set out seeking to sabotage their rehearsal. Upon arrival, their ears were greeted with the sounds of the Doll's upbeat music. The stage was set, and the enthusiastic band did not take kindly to interruptions. Their confrontation took place, set to the ​melodious music of the Jitterbug Dolls' joyful performance. After much hard-fought conflict, Midgard's best defenders emerged triumphant.

Their victory over the musicians was won with the sounds of "Bipa Bipa Hapi" still ringing in their ears as they set sail north for Moscovia. There, they confronted Valkyrie Prima as she prepared her sound check. They knew diplomacy with the prissy prima donna would be difficult, but they also knew what would happen if they were to fail. Armed and ready, they approached the stage area and finally met the stunning diva Valkyrie Prima in person. She denounced the heroes as mere music critics and promised to give the performance of a life time, challenging them to get her attention before the end of her song -- if they could.

The party of Midgard's finest engaged the stunningly beautiful songstress and contended not only with her musical mastery, but also with the prowess of the same Jitterbug Dolls that they'd fought once before. They were locked in an impressive battle royale which must have been concluded by the time Prima's song had been sung. Once the dust settled, and Prima was finally convinced, the heroes reported to Valkyrie Brynhildr only to discover that Loki was the one responsible for the Nightmare's Rift. The heroes, still fresh from fighting, were asked to safeguard this secret knowledge while the Valkyries investigated Loki's involvement further.


Episode: V

Not content to rest on their laurels, the valiant champions of Rune Midgard were assembled once again and brought before Valkyrie Brynhildr. They were informed that since the time they'd last gathered,  Valkyrie Hildr had grown distant to such an extreme that she had commited an act of treason by barring the other Valkyrie from entering the outer world of Rune Midgard. Brynhildr suspected that Loki was behind this change in behavior, and pleadingly appealed to the heroes to break the seals within Hildr's fortress in order to overcome her defenses; an act that would permit the Valkyrie sisters to enter freely once more.

With their mission accepted, the party boarded the airship in Izlude and met a cunning trickster on the deck named Asger. Having informed them that they must divide their party into two groups, he deceitfully offered them a trade. Unaware of the possible decepton, the heroes deliberated. Unbeknownst to them, accepting Asger's offer would empower Loki dramatically while simultaneously weakening the group. By contrast, declining it would have cost them the divine power of resurrection upon which they had come to rely. Victims of the consequences of their decision,  they worked tirelessly to defend the ship from an invasion.

The heroes reorganized themselves into two groups, each of which departed the ship from a different direction. To break the seals around the fortress, the two teams faced the daunting task of each eliminating four 'Corrupted Guardians' whose demise would conjure the terrible Fafnir and Evil. After a pair of difficult battles, both were slain; thus breaking their respective seals.A portal sprang into being in their place.  Stepping through, they reunited on the other side, emerged to find that they stood before Hildr's fortress' impressive gate.

With little time to acquaint themselves with their surroundings, the corrupted Hildr appeared to them to admonish them for their insolence. While her words alluded to a mysterious "one true God," she and the defenders of Midgard fought until she was forced to retreat. Brynhildr's voice instructed the group to pursue the bowels of the fortress by traversing its sewer system. But they were not alone. The sewer was patrolled by an assortment of dark creatures, each more terrifying and capable than the last. These battles comprising their war against Hildr's fortress culminated in a battle against noneother than the Kraken himself, though he seemed even more formidable a foe than the legends ever stated.

The horrors they'd witnessed in the sewers had not time to leave their minds when they found themselves face to face with the apparition of noneother than Loki himself. The Machiavellian, machinating menace and his minions went at the party with everything he could muster. As the assault raged on, wearing the heroes down with every passing second, melancholic poetry sprung from Loki's lips. Ordering Hildr to kill them in his stead, the severely injured Loki retreated through the rift.

Weary, the heroic party held out through one final battle; facing off against the still corrupted Hildr herself. With great determination, they held out against her onslaught until, finally, the power Loki had held over her mind receded. She confirmed that she had never chosen to open the Nightmare Rift, and terrified of the visions she had had of Loki's sinister schemes, she resolved to consult with her sisters and rewarded them for their valiant efforts. Brynhildr, thanking them, confirmed they would consult with Hildr and declared that thus was the beginning of the war between the noble Valkyrie and the terrible God of trickery, Loki.


Episode: VI


In the aftermath of Hildr’s cleansing, the Midgardian heroes were only offered a brief moment’s respite. What they and the Valkyrie’s shared was their ignorance of the sheer speed of Loki’s corruption. Both heroes and Valkyrie alike were not prepared for the challenge that awaited them. Despite her petite frame and tendency for childish speech patterns, Reginleif was the oldest of the nine Valkyrie sisters. Her short temper and deadly powers earned her the title of “Little Tyrant”. Though, for appearances and to minimize the gazes she drew, she remained in her adult form upon meeting humans. Like her sisters, she held a tender place in her heart for the Midgardians after their continued struggle and eventual conquering of the Nightmare's Rift.

A tender place that Loki knew and understood well.

Oblivious to the battle of the recently corrupt Hildr, Reginleif found her attention turned by Asger; a young man that caught her eye and knew how to keep it. He isolated her from her sisters, whisking her to hidden, beautiful locales throughout Midgard—serenading her with sweet words and stunning gifts. Never had Reginleif met a human that wasn’t intimidated by her prowess, nor insecure in her presence. In the form of Asger, Loki masterfully manipulated Reiginleif’s emotions and bent the knee in just eleven days. His proposal was accepted with excitement. At last, a hero that she could trust with her true form. The purity of their love would surely carry them through all obstacles. Reiginleif’s invitations went to the heroes of the Nightmare's Rift—drawing them to the wedding whether they wished to attend or not.

Alongside the mandatory attendance was the necessary wedding gifts the heroes were required tobring: something old, something new, something borrowed, something gold, and a talon coin in their shoe. Once provided, they boarded a ship to the location of the wedding ceremony, as overseen by Wedding planner Nalya and a Holy Minister. The cheerful atmosphere soured upon the announcement of Asger’s name. What had Loki done?

Reginleif stood glowing at the altar. For the first time, she appeared to them as her true self; the waist-high Valkyrie her sisters knew so well. She welcomed the adventurers with a warm speech of fulfilling her dream of true love. That for decades, she’d searched for the perfect partner and Asger was her match in every way. The diminutive Valkyrie referred to him as her prince and had every confidence that he would speak of her similarly.

But then, Loki’s true nature surfaced through human lips. He showed surprise and disdain for her appearance. The trickster relayed that they could never possibly remain together; that his human companions would make a mockery of them both. Fury surfaced on Reginleif’s face and her screams echoed against every surface in the vicinity. Asger disappeared, leaving an enraged Reginleif in his wake and an uneasy group of heroes to deal with her.

Reginleif turned on the Midgardians and made her feelings known. If one human dared disrespect her in such a way, then they would all die for it. Over and over again.

Her heart in shards and her emotions running rampant, the Valkyrie cast a death spell upon all in attendance—one that would speed their aging until their bones turned to ash in just thirty minutes. She would find Asger, and no one would follow. She left multiple guards to ensure it.

Recalling the dangers that Loki rained upon Hildr, the heroes rushed after Reginlief and were met by two guards, Orconio and Orpeo. After a quick dispatch and briefly shared words, they continued on to find the Valkyrie before it was too late. Another guard, Soki, stopped them in their tracks and forced another battle. Time was running out.

At last, they found her, returned to her adult state, and emblazoned with anger. She held nothing back from the heroes, speeding their deaths and fighting with all her might. When she realized that the adventurers were holding their ground, she began to chant an ancient spell so powerful that the very ground beneath the heroes would remain scarred for time immemorial.

Unbeknownst to Reginleif and the Midgardians, Geiravor and Herja had worried for days over their sister’s absence. It wasn’t like her to disappear without a word and the sudden announcement of marriage was equally as startling.


Geiravor interrupted the battle with a sharp cry before Herja explained the gravity of the situation with Loki. That Asger was merely a mask to distract her and push the siblings further apart. Realizing her error, Reginlief quickly removed the aging effect from the adventurer’s and restored them to their original vitality. However, the heroes soon found themselves in Loki’s presence once more. The God of tricks offered a fair duel to the group before summoning them to his own arena. A gauntlet of monsters assaulted them, including a Valkyrie he’d seemingly turned to his side. During his attempt to reawaken the purge, the heroes bested him at last. He took his leave with the echoing promise of his meddling in three more Valkyrie’s affairs. The war against Loki was far from over.


Divide of Divinities

Despite Loki’s nefarious plans for the Valkyrie continuing to work in his favor, there was one variable in his calculations that he couldn’t seem to exterminate: the Midgardian heroes.

After receiving a mysterious message to rendezvous with the warrior maidens on the Yuno airship, the adventurers found themselves instead confronted by a dark entity with other plans. They were told that Saga, one of Loki’s closest cohorts, had devised a lock-tight scheme to rid the world of the Valkyrie. Shortly thereafter, they were rendered unconscious and transferred to a dilapidated prison. They woke to find their cell hexed to ensure they wouldn’t escape.

Beneath Bijou’s careful guard, a crafty handful of the Midgardians managed to cloak their way through the twisted magic that blocked their exit. Bijou was too preoccupied with how dull a role she played in Loki’s schemes to notice the heroes dodging the guards and destroying the mechanisms preventing their escape. Just as they’d completed the task, Bijou stopped complaining long enough to see what they’d done and descended on them.

The heroes swiftly dispatched the foul creature before entering a portal that Herja had called forth to summon them. The Valkyrie had been watching Loki’s next movements closely, realizing that Saga and her minions were glory hunting: taking the task of destroying the adventures onto themselves. With the aid of Herja, the Midgardians defeated the Goddess Modgud and her legion. They emerged victorious, but Herja sensed her sisters were in danger. She sent them off to Odin’s temple to assist in a combative gauntlet.

Upon their arrival, they were met by none other than the Little Tyrant herself, Reiginleif. She reluctantly accepted the help of the adventurers in defeating Verthandi before transporting them forward to Prima’s side. They quickly destroyed Aliaska with the songstress’ support before an evil curse consumed the party. Before Prima could stop it, the Midgardians fell into the hands of Saga herself.

In Saga’s hubris, she relayed her master’s plans. At current, Loki was preoccupied in bringing the final three Valkyrie to join his cause. Their release from the Nightmare’s Rift was an opportunity to begin anew and revive the nine worlds. And time and time again the adventurers and the Valkyrie thwarted their efforts.

Saga descended on the heroes with the aid of the Queen of Fire, Glod, and held noting back. The Midgardians stood their ground and defeated them both, despite Saga calling on the powers of Ifrit. The heroes had driven Loki’s powerful sycophants back. However, Loki’s whereabouts and his plans for the remaining Valkyrie were still unknown.



in Time

In a surprise twist of events, Hel, the ruler of the underworld, conjurer of the damned, and Loki’s daughter and third in command mutinied against her own father. She summoned the Midgardian Heroes and pledged to weaken the source of Loki’s power. A feat that would transcend both time and space.

The targets seemed simple enough: Loki’s strength, agility, vitality, intelligence, dexterity, and luck—the quintessential skills of gods and heroes alike. Hel would tear rifts in time to destroy the remnants of his past that made him the powerful God of mischief he was today.

The Midgardians were transported to a space untouched by time—the very heart of Hel’s tear. They had to enter six different points in the timeline to destroy each aspect of Loki when it was at its peak.

With each victory, Hel’s hold on the tear weakened. The heroes realized that even while transcending time itself, they were still at its mercy. They faced unique challenges and tribulations with each era and destroyed them one by one. At last, they reached the final opponent.

Hel herself.

Would she not have been a part of Loki’s schemes to begin with, his hold on the legion of darkness would weaken.

Summoning all her strength, she offered a battle with the Midgardians that would not soon be forgotten. She perished valiantly. A warrior’s death.

The heroes could only pray their efforts and her demise were not in vain.


Episode: VI.I


The Midgardians would never be free of him. That was the exhausted consensus that overwhelmed the heroes when an entity named “Not Loki” approached them with a new task. Thor was in captivity at the hands of Loki and throwing the world into chaos. This “Not Loki” presented himself as one of Thor’s many disciples, a silent worshiper for years with prayers unanswered. The cell was locked by three keys, each thrown into the depths of nightmarish dungeons and forgotten to time. But this disciple, he knew where they were.

For Thor’s sake, the adventurers took the challenge. They split into three groups and fished the keys of despair, anima, and insanity from the respective guardians. They returned to Lighthalzen airport where Thor’s self-proclaimed disciple awaited them. They turned the keys over and boarded the ship. On their journey, he sang an ominous tune:


We loved like we fought, slugging our way toward each other, sending up flares to announce our advance. 


And when our kingdoms burned, we stood in the ashes and admired each other’s bodies. Now I ask you: how will we manage without the steadiness of our long sorrow?

They'd eventually arrive at their destination, the disciple proposed that Thor should be nearby, but they would need a fourth key to enter. One that had been split into five fragments and spread across a perilous field of turned Valkyries and blood-thirsty apparitions. Fighting their way with tooth and nail, the adventurers unearthed the fragments. In the interim, Thor’s voice thundered through the land. He screamed of Loki’s treachery, his deception, and his unrelenting assault.

They didn’t have much time.

Once the key was assembled and the door unlocked, the disciple and heroes entered together, met by a cavernous hallway of experimental chambers. A scene that reeked of the hellish laboratory in Lighthalzen. Eight normans were forced to stand at the chambers to show themselves to a hidden door. A door that consumed the flesh of humans; Demon’s Gate.

The Midgardians dispatched the door with haste and continued on. Thor’s cries continued, begging for release from Loki’s madness. The disciple revealed his true form before leaving the heroes alone with an insanity-driven Thor. The God of Thunder was convinced that the adventurers were nothing more than Loki’s copies. Thor, Mjolnir, and countless waves of thunder struck ruthlessly upon the adventurers. The time to convince Thor otherwise was over, their only choice was to defeat him or die at his hands.

In their most gruesome, brutal battle yet, they struggled for life and limb. It pushed the heroes to the edge of their skills, tested their mettle, and nearly tore them apart. But, just as Thor readied to unleash a hundred years of pain on the normans, they took his life -- just as Loki brought Valkyrie Kara, Sigrun, and Olrun to bear witness.

In a masterful display of deception, Loki framed the Midgardians for murdering Thor in cold blood. And the noble Valkyrie had seen it with their own eyes. Divine judgment would need to be enacted and they would need time to prepare. Kara cast a spell on the heroes that would allow any of the Valkyrie to call upon them when their trial was ready. A chill ran down each norman’s spine as the Valkyrie and Loki departed.

Death was watching.


Episode: VII


After the untimely and unfortunate death of Thor, the noble Valkyrie marked the adventurers framed for the act. A spell to call upon thenormanson a whim. They would never let the murderers of Thor go so easily. And, with Loki’s help, each Valkyrie devised their own hellish landscape for the accused.

Kara’s trials came by storm.

The Midgardians were presented with the Valkyrie’s Master Challenge—an entangled maze filled with dizzying portals and powerful minions. Kara instructed the heroes to cut their way through, choosing the portals carefully to find her in the dungeon’s depths. She left them with one final caution: fear the passing storm.

Through their battles with Kara’s minions, the impending storm approached. It was a race against time and the elements both. Once they’d successfully cut a path, Kara greeted them once more, duplicating herself into tempests for an all-out assault. Defeating them forced the Valkyrie to summon the powers most precious to her, becoming the storm herself.

Despite the relentless onslaught by Kara’s overwhelming magic, the adventurers managed to quell her, a victory by inches. But before a final blow was swung, she disappeared into the void with Loki.

Herja arrived seconds after Kara’s disappearance to intervene, failing to impart sense into her sister. Loki’s influence had corrupted her more than Herja had anticipated. With her gratitude and words of caution, she set the heroes free of Kara’s trap.

The chill of the death mark still hung heavy on the Midgardian’s shoulders. Their work was not done.

Episode: VIII


After the untimely and unfortunate death of Thor, the noble Valkyrie marked the adventurers framed for the act. A spell to call upon the normans on a whim. They would never let the murderers of Thor go so easily. And, with Loki’s help, each Valkyrie devised their own hellish landscape for the accused.

Olrun’s vengeance focused on rendering the Midgardians as helpless as Thor had been.

No one knew the effect of relentless barrages like the great Thanatos. The god-like norman had fought Satan Morroc for ten days and ten nights to seal him away, after all. So, who better to assault the murderers of Thor without end? Olrun struck a pact with Thanatos himself—his elite followers in exchange for the skulls of the adventurers.

The Midgardians protected the sacred Emperium with a mere warning from Olrun. Three waves of Thanatos’ legion clawed, slashed, and tore through their number in blood-soaked rage. The Emperium remained standing, much to Olrun’s surprise, and she led the heroes back to her domain. Of course, they’d have to fight their way through more of Thanatos’ crowned elites.

Once they’d reached the portal that would lead them to the entrance of her estate, Olrun through her last guard into the fray—Thanatos himself. The adventurers were forced to defeat him before they could move on to Olrun’s final test.

Murmuring incoherent words, Olrun summoned every ounce of her power—her transcendence had begun. The totem relics she called upon glowed fiercely in the room, and the adventurer’s made a snap decision to destroy as many as they could before she reached her final form. Their assumption was correct, the destroyed relics affected her powers and offered them a better chance of defeating her.

Herja’s voice penetrated her senses, calling for Olrun to stop. She was able to explain Loki’s deceit and Olrun ceased her attack. Without another word, the Midgardians were free to return to their world and Olrun joined her sister in the Sky Garden.

Episode: IX


After the untimely and unfortunate death of Thor, the noble Valkyrie marked the adventurers framed for the act. A spell to call upon the normans on a whim. They would never let the murderers of Thor go so easily. And, with Loki’s help, each Valkyrie devised their own hellish landscape for the accused.

Sigrun’s entrapment was endless.

Fashioning her Mausoleum from a distortion of the ancient, endless tower, Sigrun built a series of endless catacombs that the adventurers would have to fight their way through.

If only it were so simple.

Sigrun utilized her mark of death, limiting the normans to twenty minutes of stumbling through her Mausoleum of darkness. Should they not find her in time, they would all be sent to an early grave.

Sneering monsters with sharp, glittering teeth fought alongside specters of the Valkyrie themselves. The heroes sliced and rushed their way through each floor, descending deeper into the abyss, determined to find Sigrun before her mark claimed their lives. One of the rooms was filled to the brim with Loki’s incarnates. Suddenly, Thor’s madness didn’t seem so farfetched.

 After what felt like eons, they made it to Sigrun. The Valkyrie summoned one last pair of guardians—a Matriarch and a Patriarch. Two more ruthless beasts that drained the clock on the heroes’ lives. Once defeated, Sigrun chanted an incantation that summoned her powers and began her transcendence.

More waves of monsters overwhelmed the adventurers. Unable to touch Sigrun herself, they were forced to face their attackers head-on. After Sigrun’s transcendence, Olrun appeared to assist her sister in ridding the world of Thor’s murderers. The combination of their fearsome might after the exhausting battles of the Mausoleum was almost too much. Almost.

The Midgardians held their ground, forcing Sigrun and Olrun to fall back. Herja appeared as Sigrun begged for death by the blade. She explained Loki’s deceit and manipulation before a final blow was struck. Sigrun was instructed to release the heroes and return with Herja to the Sky Garden so they may discuss their next plan of attack. A curiously reluctant Sigrun released the normans and returned with Herja.

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