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Valkyries are female servants of the gods that decide who lives and who dies on the battlefield. A Valkyrie may choose to serve a particular god if she so chooses. Those who die in battle may have their spirits sent to the great hall Valhalla with the aid of a Valkyrie. Those who do not die a warrior's death are sent to Hel instead.

These Valkyries primarily serve Freyja herself. There are twelve altogether, but only nine are involved in the aftermath of the Nightmare's Rift. Initially skeptical aiding the Rune Midgardians, they soon witnessed the chaos of the shroud when Valkyrie Randgris fell victim to the plague. However, not all of the Valkyries were pleased with the alliance; thus creating a civil war

between the siblings.

Below highlights all nine Valkyries, along with a short character biography of each (click on an image below to learn more)

Ragnarok Online

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